Friday, April 5, 2013

Carson's Birthday

Carson turned 7! He's so serious, so responsible, so thoughtful and sensitive.    He had big plans for his birthday. He wanted a party hat, and a monster truck birthday party (same as last year). He asked for Krispie Kreme donuts for breakfast, and Olive Garden for dinner like his sister. 
 Brynnli wanted to get him the Grinder monster truck, which he was so excited about! It was precious to watch him hug her and Cole when he opened it.  Grandma and Grandpa C. got him roller blades (the other two got them also).  He did amazingly well trying them out for the first time!

 Carson wanted a birthday party, so we decided to invite most of the neighborhood kids and one of his friends from church to come over for a backyard party.  Luckily, it was really nice out! Rick made all the kids marshmallow guns, I attempted to paint their faces, we played bingo, did silly string, jumped on the trampoline, and had a homemade monster truck pinata:)

 Cole was hardcore about shooting his marshmallow gun!

Carson at 7:
-He's reading pretty well, very well behaved at school and gets a good note home at least twice a week from his teacher, Mrs. Fritzius
-He loves playing anything that is realistic (store, school, etc)
-He has an amazing sense of direction and is very observant.
-He loves racecars, monster trucks, construction equipment, legos, growing plants, and making compost:)
-His favorite foods are chicken, pizza, fishy crackers, and any kind of fruit; but doesn't want anything mixed together or touching:)
-He's my cuddler. Loves hugs and kisses and needs them and attention the most out of all the kids.
-He loves playing with Brynnli and Cole and is always willing to help me with anything I need.  He is a good example to his siblings. 
-He loves lanyards, key chains, keys, caribiners, anything.  Anytime he goes anywhere or does anything new he always comes home and reinacts it.  The other day he took a field trip to Flamingo Gardens, and when he got home, he clipped his water bottle to his pants like the guy did that worked there and created his own "Flamingo Gardens" outside.  Very imaginative.

We love him so much!!! My baby boy.  Can't believe he's 7.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Five years of Brynnli

Our little Brynnli. She's so spunky and full of personality. She's fiesty but sweet, girly but tough. She's her own person. For her birthday she went to school and we brought cupcakes to her class. Then we picked up her and five of her friends from school for a super fun playdate birthday party. We had pizza, threw water balloons at Carson's monster truck, jumped in the bounce house, played games, and had cake. It was an early release day so Carson even got to join in on the party. After the kids all went home we went out with Grandma and Grandpa Tolbert for Brynnli's request, salad at Olive Garden. She loves salad. I made her a My Little Pony Cookies and cream ice cream cake. We had such a fun day with her. I bought her a super cute outfit and bow for her birthday day, both of which she decided not the wear. Very sad:( But that's our Brynn, she's her own person.

 Mackenzie, Kayla, Brynnli, Sager, Brennan, Cayden, Ryken, Cole, Carson
 Cole was so excited to come to school and eat cupcakes with Brynnli

 Opening presents super early that morning before school
Fun facts about Brynn at five:
Favorite color: different everyday; not always pink or purple anymore
Favorite foods: salad, fruit, and anything sweet
She goes to school wearing crazy stuff sometimes. She wore a wool scarf to school in 90 degree weather, and rarely matches.  She doesn't want to wear bows anymore either, which is sooo sad for me.
She is very sweet with her younger two siblings, and loves playing with Carson.
She loves My Little Pony, Barbie, begs me constantly for a dog, riding her bike (which she learned how to do almost a year ago), and playing outside with her neighborhood friends.
She loves to say "when I was three..." followed by a story.  Lots of things happened that year apparently.
Life is never boring with her.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas was so fun.  These four kiddos make everything so fun.  Rick worked Christmas eve so I had a tough time keeping the kids in their room until he got home.  They had fun opening their Santa presents.  Cole got a little bike, Brynnli got a new bike, and Carson got a Bobcat truck, and Brielle got a crawling doggy.  We opened presents at our house and then went over the GRandma and Grandpa Tolberts to open presents with the Freel cousins. 

Highlights of Christmas this year:
Cole sitting on Santa's lap and saying adamantely, "bike" when asked what he wanted.  Brielle cried.
Brielle LOVED the wrapping paper.
Going to the Christmas light show that we parked and walked to.  It was set to music and amazing.Brynnli: Cadence My little pony, new big girl bike, razor scooter; Cole: new big boy bike, real shopping cart, boat;Brielle: wrapping paper:)
Cute hugs between Carson and Brynnli and Cole when they opened the presents they bought eachother. 
Matching jammies courtesy of Grandma Tolbert
Letting the kids pick out gifts for kids who needed them. 
Watching how excited the kids were to look for their Elf on the Shelf Rudolph every morning in a different spot. 
Watching "Prep and landing" and the kids pretending to be elves, and watching Cole dance while watching the Elf on the Shelf movie.  He loved it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Loving these little guys all dressed up for Halloween. We had such a fun time trick or treating tonight.  Rick was working, so I took all four kids by myself, we lasted two hours and they all walked the whole time! Except for Brielle that is.......
Introducing Carson as "Dr. Tolbert" and Cole as a "lawnmower man" (Cole refused to be anything else)

                  Brynnli as a kitty (today) and Ariel the mermaid (at every other party)

 And Brielle as a pink baby butterfly.  She's such a cutie.  She slept for half of trick or treating and watched in amazement the other half.  Cole was super hilarious.  He wanted to eat every peice of candy and held most of it in his hand until I could pry it loose to put in his basket.  He walked the whole way and was so excited!
 While we were in Georgia visiting our best friends, we went to their church Trunk or Treat.  More on that trip later. 
Brynnli had a parade at school today.  She was too cute in her costume.  She decided at the last minute this morning that she wanted to be a kitty.....who knows.  Love her.  Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer: North Carolina

I am so behind on blogging!! Since school started up, I 've been missing all the fun we had together with no school all summer.  Something about having all my kids home with me under my roof makes me feel happy.  We took a road trip up to the mountains in N.C. The kids LOVE it there.  This time Trisha and her family came, which made it even better! We had a blast at the July 4th celebration!


 We broke out the kiddie pool in the driveway, and had a blast!!


 We hiked the waterfall at Mini Haha, and did pony rides.  I was a nervous wreck at the waterfall, but it was such a good time.  Only a few falls....

       The kids favorite part of North Carolina, feeding the deer.  This one came up soo close while Carson was bringing out the corn.  The kids also loved watching the bats at night, taking walks, and Cole is still talking about Uncle Dave and the "works" (fireworks he kept setting off). 

Miss Brielle was a major trooper in the car and throughout the entire trip.  She's got quite  a few miles on her now! It was an awesome family vacation, full of all the simple things that make life wonderful.